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Content creating,coordinating and management

Competing for the quality that makes us “making the most of the best.” Through producing high technical materials in all the arts of journalism, media and creative writing.

Producing audio and video media (newspapers, television, websites, social media, advertising, etc.) through the construction and drafting of the (newsletters, investigations, dialogues, reports) and coordinate social platforms of publishing the content (such as magazines,(newsletters,newspaper,and Personalaccounts).

Editing books

In advanced societies, there are both the author and the proofreader, the first writers, the second does the addition of the editorial and narrative techniques of the book. We also play this role. By a selection of creative and talented in “article, story and novel, biographies, research and scientific reports.”

Content of civilizational cultural communication

The Agency has a network of cultural and media relations with professionals in its field of competence in many countries, in the Gulf countries ,Morocco, United State of America, Britain and the European Union. And that qualifies them to provide communication services from those countries, as long as this suits in the context of noble goals of the civilizational communication, and serve the commercial, and social relations.